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I love TV, movies, books and magazines. I can spend hours watching or reading or even both at once. The thing I hate is when you really like a show and it gets cancelled. That happened with Byrds of Paradise. I really dug that show. Seth Green, before he cut his hair, was in it along with Timothy Busfield and the Great Arlo Guthrie.

I used to work in a video store, so I'd watch tons of movies. They were free. Every shift I would take home 2 or 3 movies. It was great. I don't watch many movies now though since it's too expensive. I like it when Blockbusters and Rogers have a price war. Then I can rent cheap at Blockbusters. (BTW, Rogers and anything to do with them sucks — but that's just my opinion!) Video Update is good and Blockbusters is not bad.

Anyhow. I work in a library now so I'm trying to find more time for reading, cuz now I'm bringing home cool books instead of movies. As for books, I like ones about the '60s, biographies, Stephen King and anything that has troubled youths in it — like my own book. There is further book info and links on my miscellaneous page.

Here are some of my favourite TV shows and movies. I've tried to find sites on the web that contain more information about them. If there is not link just yet, please be patient as I am still searching the web for them.


7th Heaven

That '70s Show

Will and Grace


South Park (and cheesy puffs)

Red Dwarf


Starsky & Hutch

Silver Spoons

21 Jump Street

Neon Rider

Byrds of Paradise

Dark Shadows

MOVIE FAVS (Lesser known perhaps)

Where the River Runs Black


Wild in the Streets

Over the Edge

Jesus Christ Superstar

MOVIE FAVS (Current)


Boys club

Father and Sons

Lost Angels


The Beach-Alex Garland's novel starring Leonardo DeCaprio

Wonder Boys-Michael Chabon's novel possibly starring Michael Douglas

Green Mile-Stephen King's serial novel

Legend of Sleepy Hollow-Johnny Depp & Christina Ricci

Body Piercer

Party Monster- Macauley Culkin's two latest movies

If you are looking for cheese, be sure and check out this link!

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