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Well this is the place where I talk about my three favourite people. Me, Myself and I. Okay, so it's just me but I've got the ego of three! Let's see, I'm a very immature adult, over the age of thrity so obviously I can't be trusted, eh?
I love to write and am currently trying to sell my first completed YA novel. It is called FOGBOUND. I'm currently working on a new manuscript and I'm very excited about it.
If you've been to my TV Links page, you already know I watch a lot of TV. Did I tell you that I have about 15 years of TV Guides saved from the early 70s-80s? That's just between you and I — don't spread it around.
And I wouldn't be normal if I didn't have a fondness for video games. I grew up teething on Atari. Who could forget Frogger? :) Anyway, I have Nintendo 64 and Play Station and I especially love the RPGs.
Have you ever listened to Scatman? He's one of my favourite musicians. I like Metallica and just about everything between these two.
As for movies, I've never watched a movie I didn't like — no wait, I don't think I have that right. Hmm. Oh well, I do have a lot of favourite movies but I think Fathers and Sons with Jeff Goldblum and Rory Cochrane, Clockwork Mice and Over the Edge (Matt Dillon's first movie) are probably at the top of my list. But that could change tomorrow.
I guess the last interesting thing about me — if you find any of this interesting — is my love of anything relating to the 60s. Be it movies, music, novels or people — like Ken Kesey, Jack Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson, Aldous Huxley, etc. — I like them all!
So if you know of some great sites with 60s info, drop me a line.
Hope you've enjoyed this Personal Moment brought to you by Frogspit!

Me when I was a tadpole of 3!




Well, I'm not a tadpole anymore...those were the good ole days!



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